For outside lighting, we have a broad array of direct burial (up lighting). Such as "well lights". Where accenting trees and white washing buildings is never a chore.

Choosing is easy when it comes to pool or pond lighting, or possibly a game of tennis after the fine sunset. No problem, we have the proper application with over 10,000 fixtures to choose from.

To beautify the appearance of your home, proper landscape lighting is crucial to the decor of your home. Nightscape lighting is vastly becoming one of the hottest trends around the home. Whether it's aluminum oxidized tulip fixtures or cultured plastic rock lights, Bayman Electric has the fixture for you.

We also carry a wide array of pond lighting, step lighting and fountain lights that change color automatically. To enhance steps, rocks, trees, water, etc... And you have a choice of 12v system for a soft and subtle look or 110v systems for enhanced lighting. With the capability of giving a washed effect to any house or tree for better security lighting.